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Mp3 Song Plays Increaser – Increase MySpace Plays, Increase your Youtube Plays

MySpace Plays Increaser – Increase myspace plays – Free Trial – Increase Myspace Chart Rankings

Works with new myspace player

The myspace plays adder will increase myspace plays and views on the new myspace player released 3/2009.  This is a key tool for artists and bands to get a boost in music and video promotions.  When entering into myspace music promotion, it is crucial that the myspace plays continue to increase in order to get more plays from human visitors.  This increase in mp3 plays boosts your chances of selling more mp3 songs, and generate a curiosity by the visitor to listen to your songs due to the increase in music play counts.  Ever wonder how to increase myspace plays and profile views?  The myspace plays increaser by mp3 song plays software is the best song plays increaser available.   You can easily get 1 million myspace plays over the course of time.

MySpace Video Views Increaser – Increase MySpace Video Plays – MySpace Music Video Promotion

Boost myspace video plays

Why just increase song plays?  Take music video promotion to the next level. Complete your music and video promotion all in one simple process.  With the myspace video plays increaser, you can increase your music videos play count automatically.

YouTube Video Plays Increaser – Increase your youtube plays and channel plays

The youtube video increaser will allow you to get more channel views and boost your music video’s play count.  This will increase the number of true viewers of your music videos.  Link your youtube channel to your myspace profile to have a cross promotional effect.

SoundClick Song Plays Increaser – Increase Soundclick Plays and Profile Views

Why just promote your music on your myspace profile?

Mp3 song plays increase also includes the soundclick mp3 plays increaser and profile views increaser. Once again, you can increase song plays, increase profile views

Download the free demo and get 1000 free song plays and video views.

Mp3 Song Plays Increaser Includes 4 different Increasers

  • Unlimited Profiles – Use on as many accounts as you wish
  • Unlimited Usage – Send as many Plays or Views as you want, whenever you want
  • Free Support
  • Free Upgrades

All Increasers Include:

  • Loads Song or Video tiltes from profile
  • Choose number of plays/hits to deliver
  • Random Time Delay to stagger plays
  • Random User Agent – switches browser types
  • Scheduling – True set it and forget it
  • Proxy Supported

MySpace Song Plays Increaser

  • Works with new MySpace Player
  • Best MySpace Plays Adder Out
  • Increase MySpace Plays
  • Increase MySpace Profile Views
  • Aids in Chart Ranking Increases
  • Auto MySpace ID Locator
  • Increase Song Plays only option
  • Increase Profile Views only option
  • Increase both Plays and Views option

YouTube Video Plays Tab

  • Increase Youtube Video Play Count
  • Increase Youtube Channel Views
  • Boosts Youtube video promotion
  • Higher count causes more actual views
  • Cross promote videos with music
  • Increase Video Plays only option
  • Increase Channel Views only option
  • Increase both Plays and Views option

Soundclick Plays and Views Tab

  • Works with Soundclick Player
  • Best Soundclick Plays Adder Out
  • Increase Soundclick Plays
  • Increase Soundclick Profile Views
  • Increase Song Plays only option
  • Increase Profile Views only option
  • Increase both Plays and Views option

MySpace Video Plays Tab

  • Increase MySpace Video Play Count
  • Boosts video promotion
  • Higher count causes more actual views
  • Cross promote videos with music
  • Auto MySpace ID Locator

Looking to Increase your MySpace Plays and Profile Views?

If you want to increase both your MySpace play and profile numbers the time has come to consider using an automated software package. Our mp3 song plays software is specifically designed to help increase the MySpace user’s play and profile site hits instantly.

Most MySpace friends understand that increased numbers are necessary to attract club venues, promoters, and talent scouts. MySpace users that get the right number of profile hits can even possibly attract the attention of industry record label.

If your numbers are lagging, we recommend you try one of our automated software packages designed to increase MySpace plays and profile hits.

Depending on your finances, you could turn to service providers that will handle the entire process for you at a cost much more than the program itself.  It can be expensive.

However, if you are not quite so flush with cash, you might want to try one of our self-install products. Though there are now clones on the market, MP3SongPlays.com has an extensive history of helping increase an artists’s MySpace song play and profile numbers.

Since going into the business,  MP3SongPlays.com has sold a multitude of copies of its software product. Those artists attest to having seen immediate increases in their song plays and profile view counts. Those with the songs that measured up to industry standards utilized those increased counts to get noticed and jump-start their careers.

Mp3SongPlays.com software can be scheduled to increase mp3 play hits on a band’s best song, or all songs. It can also be used to increase myspace plays on several different MySpace songs. Our company even offers a package that will help increase MySpace video counts, Soundclick Song Plays Increaser, and a Youtube Video Plays Increaser as well.

If your song play counts and profile views  are important to you then you owe it to yourself to consider implementing an automated software package to increase your numbers.


  • “Wow! This program could not be easier to use! How many plays do you want? Put the number in the interface, and sit back and watch your plays go up and up! As a fairly new band, we needed a little help getting noticed among the countless other bands out there; this is a really easy way to do it.”

  • “This program is the sh@% foreal!!!!!!!!!! UR PROGRAM IS AWESOME!!!!!!”

  • “Thanks guys! this product is UN-FREAKIN’-BELIEVABLE!!”

  • “I just wanted to tell you guys you’ve upgraded your already brilliant software. Keep up the great work.”

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